We bring together machine learning enthusiasts from academia and industry in the Karlsruhe area. Our goal is to learn, have fun and talk to like-minded people about the problems we are solving right now.


Our events are classified into four tracks that differ in both scope and frequency:

TechTalk Monthly get-together with one announced talk accompanied by optional five minute community presentations, pretzels, beer and lively discussions.

PaperDiscussion Weekly in-depth discussion of recent and/or influential papers related to machine learning, statistics and AI.

HandsOn Weekly practical sessions revolving around implementing of state of the art papers and participating in machine learning competitions.

SpecialEvent Infrequent larger events where multiple invited experts speak their mind about a central topic.

Upcoming Events

Events are announced at meetup. Here is a short overview of future events:


Slides and supplementary material of past events are usually made available on github:

Wasserstein Distance as a Loss function_theory and applications (by Manuel Martinez)

Probabilistic weather prediction (by Sebastian Lerch)

Neural Network Design and Wasserstein Loss (by Manuel Martinez)

Reinforcement Learning (by Marco Huber)

Introduction to TensorFlow with Applications to Autonomous Driving (by Christian Hubschneider)

Introduction to Probabilistic Graphical Models (by Julius Pfrommer)

Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks (by Simon Kohl)

Automatic Differentiation (by Matthias Richter)


You want to give a five minute community presentation? Have an idea for a tech talk? Or you know someone who should speak at a special event? Great! Contact us at ia.ehurREMOVE THISslrak@ofni

See also

The Machine Learning university society at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Among other things, they host the weekly paper discussion and the Tensorflow practice group.